Appointment Request

New Booking Software!

As you might have noticed we have new booking software. For existing clients it will recognize you by phone number, so enter your phone number under existing client, it could have your home or cell so you may need to try both.  If it doesn't recognize you then enter yourself as a new client and continue on.  For each of your cat's first visit with this software you will need to enter their information, however after that it will remember your cat as well as the previous service you had done.  Depending upon the service selections you make for your cat(s) it will show you the range of times we have available for your appointment.  If you have multiple cats especially 3 or more it may mean you will have to wait longer if you schedule all of them at once.  Confirmations are now currently being done through text message so it is best to use a cell phone if possible.

Notice Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID19)

Currently to limit exposure and prevent the spread of COVID19 we are not allowing anyone to enter our salon.  When you arrive for your appointment you may call us from your car or proceed to walk up to our covered waiting area outside.  Once your cat is completed, we will give you a call to notify you that they are ready for pickup.  Below this notice is the best way to schedule at this time as we are very busy and not able to return all of the calls we are getting in a timely manner.  We will be open some limited hours, so we appreciate your prompt drop off and pick up as we may work either some long, short or extra days.  Please do not wait to pickup your cat until we close - often times you may be our last cat of the day and we don't want to wait around for hours after we are done grooming to pickup!  Instead, if you know you need to pickup later in the day please ask ahead of time to ensure we are able to accommodate you.

Is it your first visit with us?  Due to the incredibly high demand for Saturday appointments we only take new clients for their first visit on weekdays.  Once you have been with us you are welcome to schedule a Saturday appointment.  Right now since we are not allowing anyone to enter the salon we ask that you familiarize yourself with our Services prior to your appointment so that you know what you would like as we will not be able to discuss this with you as thoroughly as we would in normal times.

We are currently ONLY accepting clients that are willing to come in consistently for regular maintenance grooming (Every 3-4 Months at latest).  At City Kitty we cater to maintenance grooming and not "Fix up" grooming. This means that while the first visit may require some additional work, following visits should be focused on maintaining such condition. It is not fair to any cat to expect them to tolerate a years worth of grooming at a time, each and every visit, they will do much better and be much happier with shorter, more frequent visits and will also be significantly less stressed because they will remember the process.

Due to an increase in costs of operating our business it is necessary that we raise our prices. This new price increase is effective June 1st, 2021. Most of our services will be going up on average roughly 5%, please see our Services page for more details.

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