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New Booking Software!

As you might have noticed we have new booking software. For existing clients it will recognize you by phone number, so enter your phone number under existing client, it could have your home or cell so you may need to try both.  If it doesn't recognize you then enter yourself as a new client and continue on.  For each of your cat's first visit with this software you will need to enter their information, however after that it will remember your cat as well as the previous service you had done.  Depending upon the service selections you make for your cat(s) it will show you the range of times we have available for your appointment.  If you have multiple cats especially 3 or more it may mean you will have to wait longer if you schedule all of them at once.  Confirmations are now currently being done through text message so it is best to use a cell phone if possible.

Due to high demand for weekend appointments we are currently limiting Saturday appointments ONLY to clients who have had their cat groomed in the last 6 months. We understand some of our clients come in less frequently than the majority of others, however as thanks to the clients that keep us in business year-round and not only the warmer months, we are reserving this time for them.

New clients: Due to overwhelming demand we are continuing to book our appointments a ways out. You will notice when booking that there are appointment times marked as “New and Returning clients”, please select one of those slots and select the new client service for your cat so that we have adequate time to see your cats for their first visit. In the notes field you may mark the services you are hoping to have complete. "

Trouble loading? You can also click this link to go directly to our booking page.