My 600 Pound Cat Life!

Obesity in cats is something we see quite often in the salon. But it is no joking matter. The same issues people have with being overweight such as diabetes, heart disease, liver failure, arthritic joints etc., can be found in cats. I have seen cats so overweight that when we are working on them they have labored breathing. It is sad to me. But why? First and foremost have a check-up with your veterinarian to rule out any diseases that may be causing this issue. After that, let’s look at diet and cats. The modern day cat is eating so far from a species appropriate diet. Free feeding is the #1 culprit. Cats are obligate carnivores. That means that 95% of what they eat should be meat___not cereal. There is no difference anatomically between your cat and a lion in Africa. Yes, they are built exactly the same. Non-domestic cats do not eat kibble. Another factor to consider is the shape of the teeth. A cat has what we call mountain teeth, used for tearing and shredding meat, not eating crunchies! A cat’s digestive tract has (3) 90 degree angles. Dry food sits, or shall I say gets stuck in these pockets, sucking all the moisture out of your cat’s body. They can never drink enough water that the dehydration of dry food causes. And they are not water drinkers by nature. They should be getting their moisture from their food. A formulated raw food diet sold at the better pet stores is something to look into. I have been feeding raw for 16 years. I can’t tell you the difference you will see. Less waste in the litter box as there are not fillers in the food. Less urine as they are not over drinking water to replace the dehydration dry food causes. And guess what? There is hardly any smell. In the wild if an animal’s waste products smelled they would be tracked and killed. On a species appropriate diet you will see less shedding, a healthier and stronger cat. Cell rejuvenation occurs when we eat foods that are less processed as well.
Having a cat that is fat is not funny. Can you imagine being that cat and how they feel? Get your cat on a species appropriate diet and reap the results. You will have less vet visits and a healthier and happier cat!

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