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After over 20 years in business grooming cats our schedule is very full and we are currently only taking new clients via waitlist, and existing clients that have been groomed within the last 6 months.  

We no longer have room on our schedule for cats that are not regularly maintained by us.  This includes cats that only come in for a haircut during the warmer months.  More details down below.

As we continue to book out our schedule we strongly recommend getting on a regular revolving schedule to reserve your future appointments.  If you would like assistance in doing this please contact us.

Note: Price increase effective May 1st, 2022.  New prices as of May 1st are as marked on Services and Pricing page

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Why can't I just bring my cat in for a summer haircut?  

A cat that is not regularly groomed will be more anxious, come in needing more work, and sometimes be much more difficult/unsafe to groom than they otherwise would be.  Many people tell us how they can't even brush their cat, but the truth is they don't enjoy it when we do it either!  So if we are waiting to work on a year's worth of hair it is significantly harder and the cat will lose their patience.  While this reason is adequate enough on its own, the real reason we can no longer do cats that aren't maintained on a regular schedule is that we just don't have time for them anymore.  Here in Seattle most cats that come for an annual groom do so between May and August.  We are currently busy year round so having the amount of cats needing grooming roughly double only during 4 months is not feasible while still maintaining our regular clients.  If you have previously come once yearly we can get you on a regular grooming schedule, however we simply no longer have the capacity anymore to have such high volume only during a select few months.

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