What to Expect

After over 20 years in business grooming cats our schedule is very full!  We are currently running a waitlist for new clients.  If you are interested in getting on this waitlist please fill out this form to be added to the waitlist.  Should we be unable to accommodate your cat for some time we will do our best to advise you of other options for grooming.

The Importance of Regular Grooming

We often see clients for the first time due to grooming related issues that they have noticed.  Typically, we see a lot of cats for dandruff/dry skin, matting/clumping, hairballs and many times allergies.  While a single bath can help significantly with these problems and more, the most important thing is to maintain the coat which makes grooming visits easier, and lower stress on the kitty to the point where many come to like seeing us (even if they hate that car ride!).  Due to a cat’s skin cycle being every 21 days a regular maintenance bath every 4-6 weeks is ideal to strip out dead skin, replenish the sebum layer and keep their coat happy and healthy.  This also works especially well for our clients that have allergies, as it will drastically cut down on the allergens present on the cat.  Fun fact: the fur that we shave from your cat is used to make allergy medication!  These baths also will prevent matting due to keeping the coat in top shape.  Did you know fur and skin has a memory?  So if we only address matting when it shows up then the problem is likely to only get worse over time, and as such a cat that has to tolerate every visit being prolonged mat removal may also come to dislike grooming. 

Why else should you look to City Kitty for all your cat’s grooming needs?  Our high quality grooming team regularly attends conferences, training and work to further our knowledge in new and emerging topics in the grooming industry.  We hold certifications in Salon Sanitation, COVID19, first aid & pet CPR as well as infectious disease mitigation.  John is also the only Certified Pet Aesthetician in Washington which allows us a unique ability to address odd skin and coat issues we see.

Many of the cats that we see have some sort of special needs, whether it be age related, health or temperament.  After 20 years in business we really have seen it all!  We can work with you to craft a plan to keep your cat maintained and healthy all year round.  If you would like to see our work or the what some of the services we offer look like you can scroll down this page, or Visit our Instagram here. :)


Bath and groom pictured above - Our Wellness and Rejuvenation package


A Teddy Bear cut - our Le Grande Classique Package


A Bath and groom with Belly shave (not seen but gives you an idea of what they will look like with the Essential Beauty package)


A Lion Cut with extra matting - Our Lotus Lion Package

Matted Cat

A Lion Cut with significant matting present - Our Lotus Lion package with additional matting charges

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