Outside VS. Inside Cats

It seems all I have seen lately are posters for missing cats. Since we have coyotes and raccoons in our neighborhood, I’m sure they will never be seen again. Cats don’t understand the dangers of being outside. It is up to us to be their caretakers and keep them safe. You have not only invested emotionally in your cat, but expenses as well. Just because a cat wants to roam outside, does not mean it should. I compare it to a young child who does not always know what is best for themselves.

Another thought to consider when your cat runs loose outside is the lack of consideration for neighbors. I have had my neighbor’s cat poop underneath my windows, poop on my grass. spray on my front door, walk all over my newly washed car and more. In my opinion, there should be a leash law for cats as well. It is irresponsible as a pet owner to allow your cat to run loose on many levels.

But I have a solution. I have 3 cats that have a 700 foot cat fencing system. They can run free in this space without the worry of being attacked by animals, coming in contact with sick animals, getting hit by a car and more. My husband and I put a kit together 10 years ago through Purrfect Fence cat system. There are also outdoor catios you can make and some are quite creative. I have seen outdoor enclosures with ponds, bridges, walkways and more. It’s endless the kind of fun your cat can have. They can live a stimulating life but still be safe.

Become an advocate for your cat by keeping them safe. They have less chance of catching diseases and being attacked by other cats, causing expensive veterinary bills and distress. Your imagination is your only limit!

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