All your Cat Grooming Questions Answered

What are the benefits of regular grooming?

-Less Shedding! As your cat gets on a regular schedule the coat will gradually shed less as it gets healthier and maintained!

-No Dander! Dander is not only unsightly, but also is often the cause of our allergies to cats!

-Healthier Skin and Coat!  Your cat will become more resilient to parasites like fleas, or bacteria and fungus as the skin will be protected. 

-Fewer hairballs!  A well-groomed cat won’t be ingesting as much hair, which in more mild cases can mean them coughing up hairballs, or in the more severe cases that we have seen they can cause digestive blockages!

-Your cat will be happier!  How do you feel after a day at the spa?  While we will admit most cats wouldn’t choose to walk through our doors on their own will, they all love the feeling when they are done!

-No mats!  Mats can lead to other troubles including hot spots, hair being ripped out and cats generally being uncomfortable leading to behavior issues.

-A beautiful, soft plush feeling coat!  Once you have had a cat groomed by us you will be shocked at how great their coat feels.  Believe it or not you’ll fall in love with the feeling as much as your cat will!


My cat has never had a bath, I don’t know how they will handle it?

Sometimes you never know until you try!  Probably 95% of the cats we do actually do their best in the bath of any part of our grooming process.  I don’t know about you but I love a warm shower, and your kitty often will too.  What does scare them isn’t so much the water as it is the sound of it!  We have tricks we can use to deal with that!

Cat’s bathe themselves, do they really need a bath?

Yes!  Cat’s don’t actually groom themselves per say, as much as they lick themselves.  That doesn’t strip out the excess coat which the bath loosens up, nor does it keep the hair and skin hydrated and healthy.  Occasionally we come across “groomers” who claim cats are either desert creatures or somehow will shrivel up and die when they come in contact with water. This is just plain false and a lie!  Most often I find that the people who make these claims don’t provide baths because they don’t have the facility or space to bathe cats, so it’s easier to say they don’t need a bathe than admit the real truth.

Can we skip the bath and get all the other services?

We are so passionate about the bath we do not offer any of our services without.  The bath IS that important.  If the bath was so bad we wouldn’t enjoy doing them either!

You offer a lot of different packages, what should I get?

We always recommend starting out with a basic bath and groom (our wellness and rejuvenation), or if you want a sanitary clip the Sweet Plumeria.  Unless there is excess matting present this is the best first time option for your cat.  Plus, until you have experienced a full coat groom you wouldn't know what your were missing out on if you went straight for a haircut! (And it's also cheaper, so we really do mean it!)

My cat is an absolute terror for me to do anything with such as trimming the claws, can you do them?

Often times the answer is yes!  The vast majority of cats out there actually do quite well in our salon.  A combination of having the proper tools, training, experience and confidence allows us to get it done quickly, and will make your cat feel less on edge leading to them tolerating it better.

My cat is old (and/or) frail, can you take extra special care of them?

Yes we can!  We are not a solo operation, and this allows us to take extra time with the kitties that need it where sometimes it can be both faster and safer to have 2 groomers do something quickly rather than 1 groomer slowly struggle to get it done.

I just want to make my cat more comfortable but they are really matted, what do you recommend?

A Lion cut is most likely necessary. We know you may not always want it, and sometimes kitty is embarrassed.  Understand it’s a learning lesson, and once we return them to good condition you can bring them in more regularly to keep their coat healthy and maintained.

Do cats need haircuts?

No.  It is entirely personal preference, although we caution against shaving older or more fragile cats.  The best thing you can do for your cat is keep their coat long but maintained with a regular bath.  This not only protects the skin, but also keeps them comfortable and in good shape. 

What is the difference between the Lion cut (Lotus Lion) and the Teddy Bear Cut (Le Grande Classique)

The lion cut is performed with clippers and the blade of the clipper is applied directly to your cat.  This will leave more or less no hair or as some people shaved (its really like 1/8” long if you could measure it)  The teddy bear utilizes an attachment on the clipper that lifts the blade of the clipper off the skin to allow for a set length of hair as us men commonly get our hair trimmed.  We most typically do ½” long or 3/8” long hair on cats.  The shorter length often leaves a little smoother finish, but the longer gives a plushier feel.  If you are worried about your kitty being cold get the teddy bear cut as it leaves some fur on.  Beware however that the teddy bear cut does require the coat to be in good shape – as the guard that lifts the blade off the skin doesn’t allow for mats or clumpy tangled hair to pass through.  If you don’t plan on keeping the haircut maintained we would recommend a lion cut – as it is both cheaper and lower stress on the cat – provided that they aren’t too old or fragile to be shaving.

There is so much shedding!  What do you recommend?

A regular bath and groom is really the best thing for your cat.  Some people like a Lion Cut or a Teddy Bear cut, but ultimately you will still have shedding – just shorter hairs!

My cat’s coat has issues not related to mats, oily fur or dander.  Can you help?

Yes!  We do skin/coat therapy cases often times.  Many of them we recommend going for a proper veterinary diagnosis so that we know what we are dealing with before we tackle them.  We have partnered with a nationally renowned veterinarian that helps us in taking on these cases who can also help us with a best course of treatment.  From hair loss to damaged skin or excess dirt there are often issues causing these things related to the skin that through proper grooming we can address.

Do you have any photos of your work?

Yes we do!  Any groomer who does an excellent job and is proud of their work loves to show it off!  You may check out our Instagram or Facebook account for the most recent photos or click on the gallery page of this website.  If your groomer doesn’t show you what you can expect your cat to look like what are they hiding?

We are a rescue organization and we have cats that need help.  Can you help us?

Yes!  If you are a properly registered non-profit we would love to see what we can do to help.  Especially if you have a cat with coat or skin issues that often require a dermatologist or medicated treatments to heal.  We absolutely love to do therapy cases, and often times those cats can be troubling to heal and subsequently find a home for.

You groom cats!  Are you crazy?

Yes- very much so!

My cat ate their previous groomer, can you help?

 See the previous question!  Has your cat been difficult at the vet?  Some cats aren’t always easy for grooming or vet visits.  Often times how they react at the vet office will be similar to how they react for us.  If they tried to murder everyone in a 6 block radius at their last checkup they are likely experiencing excess stress due to their fear of what is happening. Cats don’t often leave the house, and if you never did but one day were taken to a random place you might be a little on edge.  We get it, and we can often try to work through it with our team of people.  Sometimes however if they really have been difficult at the vet we often recommend you follow the Fear Free pets recommendation of getting Gabapentin from your vet for trips out of the house: 

The Science of Skin and Coat

By John Schwartz

In the grooming world there is a very common misconception that cats need to be degreased, and that their natural grease and oils are a bad thing.  This is the old school thought process and we were once guilty as charged in both the way we approached cat grooming and how we explained it to you.  It has been thought that a cat’s natural oils in excess was the reason for a cat to become matted, as you have probably heard or seen before.  Most of us think of oil as a lubricant (or protectant!) and so logically it doesn’t make much sense to say it works as a glue.  Prior to when I ventured down the road to becoming a Certified Pet Aesthetician this was what I was led to believe as well.  However, what I have learned is that nearly the exact opposite is actually true!  When a cat’s skin and coat is dry and lacking a proper sebum (oil) layer the hair loses a number of things that can lead to mats forming.  Every living being needs 4 things to survive: Food, Water, Oxygen and Protection.  The oil from a cat’s skin is actually 3 out of 4 of those things!  The only other survival item it doesn’t provide is oxygen which is obviously readily available!  Once the oil is gone either from the coat going dry overtime between groomings, or from improperly degreasing it, the hair and skin is left as an unprotected, food and water deprived environment.  A cat’s skin doesn’t actually have blood vessels that reach all the way to the surface, in fact they stop a number of layers prior, which is why it is critical for them to have a proper sebum level.  What does all of this mean for your cat and it’s grooming requirements?  A regular, hydrated bath that restores a proper sebum layer will provide you cat with a defense against matting, skin issues such as bacterial or fungal infections, and even as an anti-parasitic because fleas and other things have to work harder to get what they want!  Does this mean that your cat will be slimy and oily?  No!  Just as in human cosmetics oil dissolves oil and grease dissolves grease, so we are able to use like products that can break down an excess of oils and leave a proper well distributed layer on your cat.  In addition, we use products high in Humectants, which are ingredients absorbed into the skin and hair rather than merely coating it.  Also, in keeping the hair and skin maintained the hair will be stronger, shed less, and in addition most often have a beautiful sheen and luxurious soft feel. Once you have experienced the difference between a coat that has been “degreased” versus properly cleaned with a hydrating conditioner you will immediately feel the difference and never go back!  Imagine the difference between washing your hands with dish soap versus washing them with a proper hand soap!  The first leaves your hands feeling dry and brittle, while a proper soap will gently strip the dirt and debris off.

Mats!!! What happened!?

Often times the first time we see a cat it is because of these pesky things, and likely one of the reasons you are reading this!  We have seen mats- little mats, big mats, cats covered (pelted) in mats.  Not all mats are the big chunks that hang off a cat that you can feel, sometimes its just very tangled feeling!  Expanding upon the science of skin that I covered above let’s go over a few things to explain how they happen, and what to do to prevent them!  Since every living thing needs 4 things to survive: food, water, oxygen and protection - understand a cat’s natural oils provide all except the oxygen.  What would happen if there either wasn’t enough oil (dry), or perhaps the oil wasn’t getting where it needs to be? MATS!  Let’s start with a lack of oil, or as we will refer to a “dry” condition.  Unlike our human hair, cat fur is living all the way until it falls out!  This means if it is not getting adequate oil that the hair is starving, lacking hydration and you are likely to see dander.  Besides being an allergen to us, the dander is a sign that the skin isn’t healthy, but more importantly than that is that it allows the hair to tangle up and bind together to form mats, and the skin is too compromised it contributes to it.  We often hear that the mats all of a sudden happened, however this is almost never the case, as the dryness has left the coat easily susceptible to matting, and likely as the hair slowly tangles together tighter you are more likely to notice it when its bad.  Now another sign we often see is that of an oily coat- which is the culprit why so many groomers falsely believe that oil/grease causes mats!  The cat’s body often knows something is wrong and it is doing its best to try to heal it.  The body is sending out a message that it needs oil so the body keeps making it until it reaches where it needs to be!  So perhaps say the hair hasn’t been adequately combed or brushed out, and likely the oil isn’t getting all the way down the full length of the hair follicles.  This is most likely the cause of the oil, and often we see mats because somewhere buried in that mess is hair that is lacking food, water, and protection!  Cats (and dogs) have what are known as “plaques” on their hair which opens up like a Christmas tree.  This also contributes to mats because as the plaques open up on the hair it allows all of the hairs to “grab” each other quite easily and form mats.  During our conditioning stage of the bath the hair shaft is sealed back down by the conditioner which both prevents mats, brings out the natural colors and shine in the coat, and provides a longevity to the groom that you won’t find with any combination of random shampoos but no hydration.

So now that we know all about what causes mats what do we recommend to fix and prevent them?  Well depending upon the matting present, we are often able to rehydrate the coat with conditioner and work mats out, however it does require patience from a cat because it does take time.  In many situations they can also be too severe that they will require shaving out to remove them.  As a prevention we strongly recommend a regular bath and groom to keep the coat and skin healthy.  Depending upon the cat and your needs this can be a different schedule.  Cats have a 21-day skin cycle from start to finish, so if you have allergy concerns a monthly bath will drastically help with that.  Many of the long-haired cats, especially Persians and Exotics absolutely need a bath every 4 weeks as well, but depending upon your at home grooming regiment and their individual coat we can tailor a schedule to your cat.  Sometimes this looks like every 4-6 weeks, but preferably no later than every quarter.  If you have never had a cat groomed before this probably sounds like a lot!  However, we strongly encourage you to try it – your cat will thank you for it! 

If you have read all the way through this I thank you for taking the time to do so and I hope it can help you in making an excellent choice in the care of your beloved kitty or kitties.  We love to have new clients sit through the pregrooming process with us, and even existing clients are welcome to do so.  If you have any questions about this topic or cat grooming in general we would love to discuss them more!  Please feel free to ask questions while we work on your cat and can better explain what we see your individual circumstances and conditions are!

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