My Life With Cats

I’ve often wondered what my life would be like to not have the responsibility of taking care of my cats. At one point a few years ago I was down to one cat, and for a brief moment I thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t get anymore, and have that sense of freedom.” Did I say brief? I thought about coming home to an empty house and told myself,”Who are you kidding?” The fact is, I’ve had animals since I was very young. I have never had even one day without a pet in my life. It is hard when I want to take a trip and expensive for a cat sitter, but I just can’t live without my cats. They make me laugh, they are cuddly and so sweet. I would really miss that. I think they enrich our lives beyond words. My life revolves around them. I take them on road trips to cat shows in and out of hotel rooms, walking in a pet stroller shopping and watch them on my deck checking out birds and squirrels. Yeah, I even go shopping to feed the squirrels just so they will have entertainment. My living room is a total playground for cats, with wheels and trees and toys all over the floor. I figure people have kids with junk all over the house, so I’m no different. I don’t think of myself as the crazy cat lady but I know people might be thinking that. I recently stayed at a hotel and walked, or shall I say strolled in to the bar area with my 3 cats in a stroller to get the room service menu. There at the bar was a very handsome man with a dog. I thought, “Great, this can’t look normal, come on!” I felt like the craziest cat person ever. Of course I tried my best to look like a total cat expert acting all ,”Yeah, that’s right, check me out.”  But I love my stroller. I’ve got a cell phone holder, a key holder, a Starbucks holder and a place to hide my purse. And hell, it’s even all terrain! And the cats love to go walking in it. I actually have two. I have to say though I am quite embarrassed at times when you run across people that you can tell are not, shall we say, “cat people.” I get these looks like, “Oh, that poor lady. I bet she eats TV dinners too.” I can feel it. But then I get certain people when they see my little calico baby Khalani dressed up in her pink jacket and her Hello Kitty bow in her hair and they go nuts. Then I feel normal……and proud. These are the moments I know I’m really not crazy!

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