My Cat Deserves the Best

It’s so easy to ignore our cat’s needs. They aren’t “in your face” pets like dogs. They aren’t demanding. They aren’t complainers. But they have needs. As a cat groomer for many years, I know this. I have shaved down more matted cats than I want to remember. It always saddens me, and I have carried that home many times at the end of the day. To not take care of your cat’s grooming needs is neglect. I know that sounds harsh to some of you, but it is the truth. Let me be their voice and tell you that grooming is not just about making your cat pretty. There are real needs here. This is especially true of long haired cats. When you allow your cat to get matted, it is not only painful as it pulls on their skin, but can cause ulcerations or hot spots on the skin. This is because the skin can not breathe through the mats. This is an issue in the dog grooming world as well as I have friends who are dog groomers and tell me the same thing.
If you made the choice to have a cat you have an obligation to take care of that cat in every sense of the word. It’s not a choice.

So as groomers, to remove mats, especially a heavily matted cat, it takes longer to get the pelt off. It does not just zip off like some people think. In our salon we also don’t push a cat to the point of extreme stress. The cat needs a break during this arduous process. It also cost more, a lot more, to repair months or years of neglect. It is time, our equipment, blades and even special baths to soothe the damaged skin. You can’t have a cat in bad condition and expect to pay the same as someone who is faithfully there every 6 weeks. It just can’t happen. For those of you than can do some grooming at home this is helpful, but most people don’t feel confident doing this. The average person does not have the skill set to do it.

Having your cat groomed on a regular grooming schedule is the best for everyone, including your wallet. A cat that is groomed regularly has less skin issues, is more comfortable and is certainly nicer to live with as there is less shedding, and yes, they smell better.

I might be an idealist thinking everyone cherishes their cats as much as I do, but as a professional in this field, I have an obligation to pass on valuable information for the betterment of our felines. I am passionate about this. I want everyone to realize what a cherished creature their cat is, with feelings, emotions and the spirit of a tiger. 

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