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caring for the whole cat, mind, body and spirit.

City Kitty® is a cat grooming salon designed exclusively for cats. We pamper your kitty in a serene, spa-like environment providing them with dedicated and loving attention while they receive personalized care based on an individualized assessment on every visit. Our groomers are experts on feline behavior, handling and grooming. Our interaction with kitties during the grooming process is a critical part of our service. We treat them with respect and dignity, handling them with patience and understanding. 

City Kitty® was established in 2000 as one of the first feline-only grooming salons nationally. First and foremost, we are advocates for felines. We are a resource for understanding behavior problems, health issues, and any issues that contribute to feline wellness. Through proper training and certification, we offer an unparalleled grooming process for your cat, with products and processes designed to make your cat look and feel better.  

City Kitty® Code of Ethics

At City Kitty® we strive to provide the best possible grooming experience for cats in a calm, spa like atmosphere. We strive to provide the highest caliber of service, and are passionate about people and their cats.  We evaluate each cat on a per visit basis to ensure that the grooming services we are providing for them are appropriate for each cat.  We care about each and every cat that comes in. This is why we don't allow cats with fleas, contagious diseases or other issues that could potentially spread from someone else's cat to yours.

We are happy to offer a number of grooming salon treatments your cats needs. If you have any questions, call (206) 542-7006 or email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you. Our Edmonds grooming salon is very easy to get to - just check out the map below!

Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Adrienne Kawamura
    Founder / Owner of City Kitty Franchise & Denver NC Location

    Adrienne Kawamura, Founder of City Kitty® and Owner of City Kitty® Franchises, is one of the first National Certified Feline Master Groomers, NCGIA. She holds a Master Cat Groomer Certification and is a Master Cat Groomer Certifier with Professional Cat Groomers Association of America.

    She has had training in flower essences, aromatherapy, Tellington Touch and animal communication. She is also certified by Dr. Ella Bittel of Spirits in Transition in Palliative and Hospice care for animals. She showed Persian cats for many years and has 2 national wins with The Cat Fanciers Association of America. She started City Kitty in 2000 out of her love for cats and knowing cats needed a quiet space to be groomed in without dogs. She believes in a natural, holistic approach to cat care.


Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Adrienne... I just has to write you a note saying thank you... as Lola’s mom... and the advice you have given me about the raw diet has made wonders in my Lola cat already in three weeks! Lola loves the rad cat food... and has started acting like she did years ago... unbelievable! Thank for the suggestions... she is also taking the plant enzymes and the homeopathic anti-vomit pill... .all working wonders on my little talker cat Lola. Thank you again."
    Nicole Waechter
  • "I have voted and I must say tell you that you are the best groomer with a super staff in the whole NW, in fact you are the best groomer that my cat(s) have ever had, and I must say in our travels I had some excellent ones. You have my vote."
  • "I wanted to thank you for making our Nora look and feel so good. As I am typing this she is sitting on a shelf she hasn’t been able to jump to in a long time. She is grooming herself again and getting around so much better. Thanks again"
    Anna Drake

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