What's happening at City Kitty

Spring has Sprung, City Kitties!

We hope you’re enjoying the lighter weather as much as we are!

Upcoming Price and Service Changes!

Due to increases in product and operational costs, a raise in our prices is necessary, and will be effective August 1st, 2019. We have held off for as long as we can, our last increase took place in May 2014. All of our services will be increasing by $5 and the Teddy Bear cuts will be going up by $10. However, we are also introducing special pricing for regular maintenance grooming clients that will actually drop the price below where it is now. A regularly groomed cat is in better shape, tolerates grooming better and as such requires us less time to complete the process and as such should cost less.

We are also adding some additional spa treatments which will be showing up on our revamped website soon. We will begin doing Ozone treatments and therapy baths within the next few months. These can be great for healing of various skin and hair issues, plus the ozone is very soothing for the kitty and can help with arthritis and other achy pains.

Some Friendly Policy Reminders: 

Lateness Policy

While we appreciate that things can happen – the cat turns into a ninja and must be chased down, traffic jams, etc. – we do have to keep to our schedule as much as possible. For that reason, if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, we will have to reschedule your appointment for another day. One late start on a kitty means a late start on all the kitties that come after, and as we move into the busy season, that doesn’t leave enough time for everyone. So please arrive on time – we and the kitties appreciate it!


We require that all our kitties be free of fleas before any appointment. This is to protect the salon and to protect the other kitties who come to the salon. If fleas are found, you will be asked to come and pick up your cat as soon as possible. As you know, we do not offer flea baths as a service, so please make sure to treat your cat for fleas before you come in, especially if you have any suspicion, hunch, or inkling that there may be fleas.

Scheduling Appointments

The best way to make an appointment for your cat is to go to our website,www.citykittygrooming.com, and schedule your appointment online. Just click the “Schedule an Appointment” button and you’ll be guided through the short process of choosing and booking your appointment. If you’ve already used our online scheduler but lost your password, just click “Forgot Your Password” and you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password. Easy-peasy! While we attend to phone calls during the day as much as we can, often we are attending to a kitty and cannot come to the phone. At City Kitty, the cats are our first priority, and while they’re with us, they get our full, undivided attention. We appreciate your understanding about this, and encourage you to make use of our online scheduler. If we have appointments available, they will show up on our online schedule calendar, so you aren’t missing a thing!

With Spring Comes new things....

You may have noticed the photos we’ve been posting on Facebook and Instagram lately. We are very happy to have installed our brand-new photo station! We know you love photos – and so do we – so we try to get a photo of every cat. We do TRY, but as you know, kitties aren’t always willing to sit still long enough for a photo.

So if we manage to get one that isn’t blurry, we will post it on our Facebook page and our Instagram. So keep an eye out for your kitty!


Office Hours

We are open by appontment only - No longer open on Saturdays

Denver, NC - Open Everyday by appointment only!









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